Wood Borer Beetle – The Deadly Killer

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Do you know of the beetle that are the size of a sesame seed in now killing our trees throughout South Africa. What a tragic situation!!!!!
The polyphagous shot hole borer that is native to southeast Asia is approximately 2mm, and is now found in our South African trees, faster than you can say snap…
Even though the beetle is to small to detect you still can identify if you have a problem in your garden or even in your street. You will detect the following signs:

The symptoms are not all the same it varies from one tree species to another.

  • A wooden powder on the bark at holes in tree
  • Dead branches
  • Wilting trees
  • Sugar heaps uzing out of holes
  • Look like someone has shot the tree with a shotgun


The type of trees being infected as we speak is the pecan, peach, orange, grapevine and avocado tree. We are still investigating to see if other tree species has been infested.
Call us immediately and we will assist in resolving the problem in the best of our ability.
Plant a tree and make a difference.
Green regards,

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