Bird Mites

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About Bird Mites

A bird mite is a tiny, oval-shaped, eight-legged little nuisance which actually belongs to the arachnids (which includes spiders, scorpions and mites). They like a warm and humid environment and are active mostly during spring and early summer. Their normal food source is the blood of birds, thus they can be found on poultry, pigeons, sparrows, swallows, etc.

bird mites​As a poultry farmer, a bird breeder, pigeon racer, etc. you are at high risk of infestation. In some places where wild birds, such as doves, sparrows and swallows make their nests in the roof of your house, you might also suffer infestation. They could even be carried in on second-hand furniture, or by someone working in an infested building.

These minute pests can cause tiredness because the itching keeps the victim awake scratching all the time. The scratching can cause a secondary bacterial infection and even depression or anxiety.

Since bird mites are practically invisible because they are so small, it is difficult to identify the problem. That is what the professionals are there for. We have the equipment as well as the skills to perform an inspection of your house, identify the infestation and to treat it properly.

Signs of infestation

• You will see intensely itching small red spots which might also swell a little.
• There might be minute red dots strolling around in your house – on the walls, the ceiling and even in your bed.

Pest Control Excellence Treatment:

  •  Inspection
  •  Preventive Action
  • Identification.
  • Analysis
  •  Treatment Selection: spray, gel and fumigation.
  •  Monitoring
  • Documentation

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