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About Termites

A major wood destroyer is the dry-wood termite which mainly lives in dry wood. This could be door frames, foundations, wooden floors and wooden walls, skirting boards or even wooden beams. Eating and tunnelling away and weakening the wood more and more with each bite and causing major structural damage.

Subterranean termites nest underground and eat their way up to where their food source is found. This unfortunately often is the wooden structure of your house. They can also survive in moist secluded areas above ground where they travel to their food source through mud tubes which protects them from the open air.

Termites are not only a danger to your property, but also a major cause of damage to agriculture. Trees in plantations and orchards, wheat, sorghum and market gardens as well as pastures can also be damaged. Harvest termites can also infest the garden and lawn at your house. Thus we also assist farmers and gardeners with their termite infestation problems.

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, you should act promptly. Most Insurance companies do not insure against damage by termites and the damage they can cause is extensive. The right insecticide has to be delivered to the correct area under a building, in the case of subterranean variety, or in the garden where there are harvester termites. We specialise in extinguishing termites and can help you get rid of the problem before too much damage has been done to your investment.

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Signs of infestation

• You hear quiet clicking sounds coming from wooden walls.
• When knocking in the wood it sounds hollow or papery.
• You will see tunnels in wood such as skirting boards and even furniture.
• Also termite droppings or frass (dark powdery substance)
• You might notice white ant-like insects.
• Flying termites’ discarded wings might be laying about. When they land, they twist their wings off because they no more need them to fly.
• Subterranean termites build pencil sized mud tubes where the ground meets your house or shed or even a tree.

Pest Control Excellence Treatment

Subterranean Termite Treatment by Soil Poisoning

Pre-construction Soil Poisoning

Soil poisoning should be one of the very first steps in the building process. When laying the foundation, the soil underneath your future building/home should be treated for subterranean termites.

Our termite control treatment is applied prior to the construction to prevent subterranean termites. The chemical will not only kill the termites that have ingested it, but can be carried by one termite to another thus spreading it throughout the colony.

Post-construction Soil Poisoning

We understand the plight of customers who somehow missed applying termiticide before construction. Therefore we offer the post-construction treatment as the alternative. We offer you a desirable result even in the most challenging scenarios by applying chemicals beneath the foundation. To accomplish this, we drill inside the foundation and inject the chemicals which will poison the soil against subterranean termites.


Subterranean Termites

Step 1: Inspection
Step 2: Preventive Action
Step 3: Identification.
Step 4: Analysis
Step 5: Treatment Selection: Drilling and injecting foundation | roof to be treated and perimeter.
Step 6: Monitoring
Step 7: Documentation| certificate | guarantee for 5 years


Harvester Termites

Step 1: Inspection
Step 2: Preventive Action
Step 3: Identification.
Step 4: Analysis
Step 5: Treatment Selection: garden, lawn or land to be treated, also to be found in buildings
Step 6: Monitoring
Step 7: Documentation

Drywood Termites

Step 1: Inspection
Step 2: Preventive Action
Step 3: Identification.
Step 4: Analysis
Step 5: Treatment Selection: treatment in soil and wood
Step 6: Monitoring
Step 7: Documentation

Since the use of Chlordane was banned, termiticides approved by the SABS are only guaranteed for five years. Any one offer termite drilling and injecting inside foundation services that last longer than this is either using banned substances, using dangerously high levels of approved termiticides or downright lying.


• Our pre- and post-construction control methods are of course SABS approved.
• Termiticides approved by the SABS are guaranteed for five years.
• After completion of treatment, we will provide you with a certificate of guarantee which is valid for 5 years.

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