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About Weed Control

What is Weed Control?

Weeds, unwanted plants as well as alien plant species compete with desired native plants and animals for food, space, water and soil. Weed control does to these harmful, invasive plants what pest control does to harmful insects and animals. Weed control as done by Pest Control Excellence prevents weeds from growing into mature plants through the use of environmentally friendly herbicides.

Why is Weed Control Important?

Strong aggressively growing weeds restrict the growth of wanted plants and crops by encroaching on their soil, space, water and nutrients, thus killing them or seriously hampering their growth.
Some weeds are harmful and toxic to animals including livestock and can effectively kill them.
Weeds can also hamper the use of machinery used for cultivation.
Some types of weed can even cause blocked drainage pipes.
Unchecked weeds around residences, business buildings, etc. can damage the image of the business.
Likewise uncontrolled weeds can become the nesting place of unwanted pests such as rats, mice and snakes especially near farm stores, construction sites and industrial factories.
Weeds can also cause damage to roads, paving as well as residential lawns and golf courses.

Implementation of Weed Control

Pest Control Excellence can implement weed control on any invader plant growing where it is not wanted. Our chemical weed control (making use of environmental friendly herbicides) is highly effective and can kill the toughest weeds. These herbicides work on germinating seeds as well as growing seeds of the unwanted plants and weeds. That is when the plant is at its weakest which is actually the best time to control it. Regular treatment is of course necessary to prevent re-growth.

Our Weed Controllers are fully trained and highly experienced as well as fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture to conduct any weed control assignment.

Weed Control

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