Wood Boring Beetle

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About the Wood Borer Beetle

There are a number of wood borer species all differing in appearance, life cycle and habits, but they have one thing in common. They can cause extensive damage to wooden furniture, floors and even wooden structural components of a building. These are the common furniture beetle, the house longhorn beetle, as well as the powder post beetle. Also the bamboo borer, the bark borer, the death watch beetle, the wharf-borer, and the wood boring weevil.

The adult wood borer lay its eggs in cracks of wood which might just happen to be your house’s floorboards, furniture or wooden beams/rafters. Upon hatching, a larva creeps out and starts to tunnel into the wood where it feeds and over time weaken the timber. The larva then becomes a pupa, which in turn becomes a beetle, laying eggs, becoming larvae, etc., ad infinitum – or not – if you call us.

Signs of infestation

Be on the lookout for wood borers in order for you to identify the problem early enough before too much damage has taken place.


  • Round or oval shaped holes in wooden floors, frames and furniture.
  • Tunnels in the wood can be seen where the wood has broken off.
  • Bore dust visible underneath the infested wooden structure.
  • Damaged or weakened floor boards, handrails and steps.

Pest Control Excellence Treatment:

  • Inspection to assess the problem, the type of wood borer as well as if the infestation is active.
  • Fumigation of wooden furniture and other wooden items.
  • Our treatment targets the larvae buried in the timber.

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