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Whether they crawl or fly, sting or bite
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Some of the services we provide

The pests described below, are merely the more common pests which Pest Control Excellence undertakes to treat. Should you suffer from a pest not mentioned per se, please contact us anyway. If the treatment of your kind of pest falls outside the area of our expertise, we will gladly assist you in finding the proper company or refer you to the relevant company.

Crawling Insects

Our highly trained staff will professionally remove all those destructive crawling bugs pestering your household. No more ants, termites, bedbugs, fleas or ticks, roaches, silverfish or any kind of beetle to annoy you.

Flying Insects

They all fly, some even bite or sting, these six legged, two or four winged pests that can practically ruin your peace. Let us professionally wing away those flies, mosquitoes, moths, bees and wasps from your family and pets.

Rodents & Bats

Mice and rats are destructive, rapidly reproducing pests that can cause severe damage to your household as well as affect your family's health. The sooner you call us, the better. We will swiftly and professionally rat out the problem.

Spiders & Scorpions

The venom of these eight legged arachnids vary in potency. Some are harmless, while others can cause extreme discomfort and even death. Be proactive and contact Pest Control Excellence to identify the species and remove the threat promptly.


Whether they are curled up in a dark corner or slithering in the undergrowth, you need professionals to remove the potential threat. The Cape cobra ad puff adder are too commonly found in and around houses to take any chances.

Bird Control

Pest Control Excellence reduces the damage and mess caused by birds, as well as the risk of diseases carried by birds. We make use of safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly bird control methods and the highest quality products.

Other important services we also provide

Weed Control

Our Weed Controllers are fully trained and highly experienced as well as fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture to conduct any weed control assignment. We make use of high quality environmental friendly herbicides only.

Inspections & Certificates

We are legally licensed to do Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections as well as to issue Pest Clearance Certificates to property owners. Most banks require such a certificate before granting a loan to a prospective buyer.

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